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a sculptural and performative social practice for FLINTA* about protection

by Tanja Hamester and Tita Tummillo

Bari, Italy 2023


Participants of the workshop wearing their BOUNCERS sculptures during the parade in Bari.

Photos by Pamela Diamante and Nico Murri


BOUNCERS - Protectorprotest is a nomadic safe space for transgenerational and intersectional dialogue and production among FLINTA*, addressing the theme of protection from multiple perspectives.

From what and from whom do we, FLINTA*, protect ourselves? What kind of safety are we thinking of? The one we choose or the one produced by the patriarchal system?

Tanja Hamester and Tita Tummillo propose a horizontal artistic process, a nomadic space that reconfigures the concepts of safety and protection, connecting the private and the political of subjectivities belonging to different cultural contexts.

BOUNCERS becomes a collective translation of these concepts into protective sculptures, offering new possibilities for experience and accessibility as well as an opportunity to act in a public parade with one's own sculpture, a manifesto of one's sense of being protected.

The project took the form of multi-day sculptural and performative workshop and public parade in Bari, Italy. 

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