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Crying Yoga (Heulyoga)

workshop, immersive performance, social practice

anti-colonial collective crying exercise as a non-violent defense against racism and sexism

Screenshot (1189).png

Filmstill videoclip, Crying Tutorial 3, filmed by Marjan Asadi, Palermo 2019

Crying Yoga is based on the idea of a workshop-like collective anti-colonial crying exercise against racism and sexism. It creates the fiction of a worldwide Crying Yoga movement, which is followed by the participants. Participants are taught crying tecniques to use as a non-violent defense. With the project I am speaking against the cultural appropriation of Yoga in the western system to make the tired worker able to work again. Yoga is often toxically used for self optimisation.

Crying Yoga is a non-violent way to speak up against perpetrators. I often see male dominated resistance that are reproducing violence. With my strategy I want to follow Ynestra King´s idea of not copying patriarchal power positions, but “creating a different kind of culture and politics that would integrate intuitive, spiritual, and rational forms of knowledge, embracing both science and magic (…)”.

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Grand Tourtours – a transnational performance series

Stadtgalerie Schwaz, Austria, Italy, Germany, 2017

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Palermo Summer School of Contemporary Arts

Palermo Summer School of Contemporary Arts, Italy, 2019



VOGA Art Project, Bari, Italy, 2021


RoomToBloom Festival, Celebrating Postcolonial and Ecofeminism Art

STPLN, Malmö, Sweden, 2022


Cryingyoga-workshop, Cantieri Culturali alla Zisa, Palermo Summer School 2019

Screenshot (642).png
Screenshot (643).png

Performance, Grand Tour Tours, 2017
Performance in the context of Grand Tour Tours, curated by Cosima Rainer 
(Schwaz (Austria) - Bozen (Italy) - Munich (Germany)
Hotel Lederer am See, Tegernsee, Bayern, Germany

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